Guidelines for spring cleaning

If you want to clean your house’s every corner, spring is the right time for it. By thoroughly cleaning your house, you let the fresh air in your house that make up your mood and health, boosts your immune systems.

Spring is ideal for cleaning your house thoroughly; here are some suggestions/guidelines for making this year’s cleaning successful:cleaningPlanning:

Plan for the day for cleaning, strategy you will be using, set your goals and focus on the areas that need a deep cleaning. for details list of duties please check these spring cleaning articles here

Make a cleaning checklist:

Make a checklist of the tasks that need fast cleaning and the areas that you can neglect for some days, make a priority list the work to do first and which can be postponed for some time. There is a cleaning company based in melbourne who has detailed cleaning checklist. you can book them as well for your next cleaning.

Take out everything:

It the time to take out everything in your house so that you should check the items you want to keep and the things that need to be discarded. Take the things out of closets, drawers, cabinets and search for the useful things and get rid of extra useless materials that you no longer need. You can give the things to someone needy or to some charity raising organizations who can use them according to their needs.clean up

Clean out the hidden dust collectors:

Things such as fans, blinds, vents, air conditioner handlers, refrigerator coils, etc. that are hidden dust collectors need thorough cleaning once in a year.

Cleaning under things:

You should clean and wash under the beds, sofa, desks, etc. at least once in a year and focus on cleaning corners of the rooms, lounge and garages that are hidden dust places.

Bathroom cleaning:

A thorough, complete bathroom cleaning should be carried out every year for its maintenance and to keep you safe from infections, germs bacteria growing there. Spring bathroom cleaning includes checking towels, check for the expiry dates of the bleach, non-toxics, and liquids you use. Moreover, you should be looking for the cleanliness of your hair and dental equipment; brushes, combs, rollers, toothpaste, etc. if they are germs free and need replacing or not. If you have got any sort for your medicines expiry dates to avoid any health issues.

Kitchen cleaning:

As a working woman, you cannot do regular cleaning of the kitchen, but you can think considering its yearly cleaning during spring vacations. It would be including cabinets cleaning, rarely used utensil cleaning, your water filter system cleaning, counter cleaning, etc. Electronic appliances like microwave, refrigerator and toaster, etc. need special cleaning once a year for their efficient working.

Bedroom cleaning:

Bedrooms should be careful dealt with as they are one of the most favorite places of your home where you relax, work and feel comfortable. Consider changing its setting, replacing carpets, buying some new furniture that would be enchanting and relaxing for you at least after a year.

Closet cleaning:

Your closets need deep cleaning once a year. As it’s the messiest place to deal with you should look for the things that are useful to you. Discard the useless clothes, shoes; bags, etc. organize the rest by hanging them up and placing them to avoid any tension when you need them.